Creative AF

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Lunatic Fringe

All images are hair done by Lunatic Fringe on real chicks!

We are addicted to creative colours!

Here are some things you need to know before you take the plunge…

  1. It could take multiple processes.

    If your hair is artificially coloured or dark you will need to lighten it… sometimes even to white. This can take a bit of work and it doesn’t always happen in one go, but never fear, there is always a middle ground. A place for you and your hair to hang out between hair appointments…. e.g. it maybe a darker rose before we hit pastel.

  2. Expect to spend a good part of your day with us in salon…

    Theses things take time but its seriously worth it.

  3. It’s not cheap.

    In life we all have a budget, some bigger than others and some smaller… Fact is we need to discuss it. Multiple services and lots of time = $$$

    you do get what you pay for though.

  4. Lightening your hair causes damage.

    In the budget you need to include good product, this is non negotiable. Without taking care of it, it will break, it will fade and it will be patchy.

  5. Prepare for maintanence.

    Being direct dyes, fashion colours fade quicker than others. They stain the cuticle instead of penetrating. the healthier your hair and with the use of colour conditioners such as FABULOSO they can last longer. FYI Pastels fade the quickest regardless..

  6. Be Consistent.

    The more consistent you are the better your hair will be. Make regular appointments to keep your hair fresh, the more you layer the colour the longer it lasts. If you run out of product don’t just run out and grab anything, re purchase whats working to maintain your colour and don’t compromise the health of your hair.