Blonde Babes

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All images are hair done by Lunatic Fringe on real chicks!

All images are hair done by Lunatic Fringe on real chicks!

Blonde, Blonde, Blonde..

Lunatic Fringe has an unrequited love for Flawless Blond Hair. We vow to tailor make your blond.

Your gorgeous hue with an edge will suit your skin tone perfectly.

Do blondes have more fun? We’ll let you make that call.

We vow to maintain the integrity of the hair, to never over process or compromise your hairs health. We vow to never give you a flat or drabby blond, by always using our toning glaze your hair will always sparkle like a diamond.

Our best blond hair tips.
Be kind! You have an i phone cover right?

It is vital to take care of your hair at home. Look after your investment. Use the correct Shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products. You will not find these in the supermarket isle no matter what the ads say!!

6 weeks is maximum To maintain hot blond hair we need to get our hands on it at least every 6 weeks! High maintenance isn’t for everyone… neither is blond hair.

Wet = Weak.  Never put stress on your hair when it is wet. That’s right my friends… the days of ripping the brush through your wet tresses is over!!! Your hair is in a weakened state when it is wet so be gentle.

Beach babe or beach bum, you MUST get your hands on a tangle teezer to tame those locks.