The Curl Cult

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All images are hair done by Lunatic Fringe on real chicks!

All images are hair done by Lunatic Fringe on real chicks!

Curls, Curls, Curls..

Let’s face it, there are a serious amount of unique issues facing girls with curls in this country, Humidity! Dry hot desert winds! Weather that changes four times in a day… yes you Melbourne!

Above all there is a massive shortage of hairdressers who understand how to cut your curls! Excellent news…At lunatic fringe we are Curl engineers.

It really is rocket science!

Using our ‘shrink proof cutting technique’ and our styling tuition, whether you have loose waves or spiral curls — we guarantee you will leave with a massive crush on your curls!

We believe no 2 heads of curls are ever the same and that all those twists and turns are a blessing!!

We love to educate and inspire women to Rock their curls.

There is no question that curls need more than a little extra TLC, so we absolutely always, always do a prescription treatment with the exact balance of what your curls need! This includes a delicious 10min scalp massage on our lay down shampoo lounge… these babies heat up and massage your body. Best place on earth!

Curl Commandments …

Thou Shalt NEVER Brush your curls. You can brush your scalp and hair before shampooing, but then you put that brush back in the draw.

Thou Shalt Add Moisture Moisture Moisture! Many people believe frizz is caused by moisture. SO NO TRUE! Without moisture your hair will go looking for it in other places [i.e. the atmosphere which = frizz!] keep your locks as hydrated as possible and you’ll never have a bad hair day!

Thou Shalt Only ever get your curls cut dry. If someone cuts your hair sopping wet, it’s going to be a disaster.

Thou Shalt use salon professional sulphate free products. Despite the hype around “curly girl” not everything you read is true. Supermarkets sell low quality. Its a fact.

Thou Shalt Towel squeeze in between shampoo and conditioner. We can recommend products with the exact amount of moisture for your curls however if your hair is saturated, most of the conditioner ends up down the plughole instead of doing it job.

Thou Shalt Embrace what the universe gave you! Be proud of what makes you different, and you will radiate beauty from the inside out.