What can we tell you about the Lunatic Fringe crew.... we are a rad bunch of "MISS" fits that friggin love hanging out doing hair together.

From youngest to oldest we all have one very important thing in common .... OUR BELIEFS 

  • Strong sense of social justice... We don't judge. We don't bitch. We hate drama. We are allergic to racism. Homophobia is absolutely not ok

  • Life is too short to be boring

  • Gender equality... Everyone pays the same and gets the same kick ass service!

  • We only choose the best shit to use and sell in salon

  • We often encourage the partaking of a glass of Alcohol

  • Everyone deserves a bloody good scalp massage

  • Curls are ace... We have a Curl Cult

  • Don't take life too seriously

  • If you can't have an entire conversation in gifs or emojis, you can't work here.