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Are you washing your hair all wrong?

Do you double cleanse?

Most people were taught by their mums to shampoo their hair but what if mum didn't really know best! 

The reason for the double cleanse is simple...The first shampoo just cleans the hair, removing excess product build up, pollutants from the air and excess oil, sometime time it doesn't even bubble up! Doesn't mean the hair aint clean. The second shampoo is where all the magic happens… the nutrients are delivered into the clean hair because the cuticle is open from the first cleanse, treating, nourishing and repairing the hair. HOT TIP You'll be hard pressed to find any goodness in the supermarket aisle.

Do you towel squeeze before conditioning?

For those of you with hair past your ear lobes its vital you give your hair a slight dry off between shampoo and conditioner. If the hair is dripping, the conditioner is dripping right off. This means you'll use triple the product without it being really effective. The towel blotting will ensure the conditioner does as god intended with the teensiest amount. HOT TIP Leave a hand towel hanging over your shower on shampoo day!

Do you brush your hair wet?  

OUCH PLEASE NO!!!!! Hot hair this does not make! Your hair is in its weakest state when it's wet. To avoid damage, use a comb rather than a brush in your dampened hair after conditioning to gently detangle. HOT TIP If you struggle with the comb thing a tangle teaser is particularly good at getting rid of your knots without causing you to yelp out in pain every five seconds. 

Check out the Lunatic Blonde Babe

Sofie is one of the hottest talents in Brisbane theatre, modelling and she’s got this insane voice!

She has literally never let anyone but Lunatic Fringe touch her beautiful blonde curls! Why would she?

“I have heard nothing but horror stories from any friend of mine with curls, and most of the blondes for that matter. I tell them they are mad not to get their butts to Lunatic Fringe”

Thanks Sofie We Love you BIG TIME!

Pete the Paddle

We Friggin LOVE this brush!!

a multi-purpose styling brush suited for smoothing and detangling hair. Makes hairstyling a bloody breeze!

this brush is soooo light it won’t break your arm. natural, soft rubber cushion offers means it’s super gentle. highly-heat resistant. ball-tipped ionic pins reduce frizz, they really really do. made with wood from well-managed forests, nice one.

recommended for all hair types; especially medium to long lengths; use to detangle, straighten and smooth. all in 1 kick ass brush

Helmut is the shit

There are times when you look and just know that things should never change. check one…

You want it. no movement is good movement.. Hold the movement

Helmut by evo.

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Lunatic Fringe Behind the scene

One of our favourite things in our spare time (hahaha who has spare time) is to hang out with our fave Photographer/videographer, Caco Photography and the goddess of face , Maria Rivera and  the together we create some super fun, super creative, kick ass photoshoots. 

The thing you will notice when flicking through our shots is all of our images are actually of "real people" They are clients, staff, family, friends or just random hotties we have found along the way. 

It's a no brainer,  grab a profess model, whack some make up on her and wham, you've got a sexy as photo....Our thought is there's a sizzling hottie in everyone!

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