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How to get Rid of split ends


The only real cure for split ends is to cut them off!

Although it may seem counterintuitive, getting regular trims will actually help your hair grow faster and stronger. If the split ends aren’t cut off, the hair will just continue breaking higher and higher and you’ll end up with bloody awful hair as a result.

Some rules to help with prevention. Never brush your hair wet. Heat protection is vital. Despite what the ads say, supermarket products are pretty much rubbish, use recommended professional products. Treat yo hair! Every week! Don’t avoid the chair.

Check out the Lunatic Blonde Babe

Sofie is one of the hottest talents in Brisbane theatre, modelling and she’s got this insane voice!

She has literally never let anyone but Lunatic Fringe touch her beautiful blonde curls! Why would she?

“I have heard nothing but horror stories from any friend of mine with curls, and most of the blondes for that matter. I tell them they are mad not to get their butts to Lunatic Fringe”

Thanks Sofie We Love you BIG TIME!

Pete the Paddle

We Friggin LOVE this brush!!

a multi-purpose styling brush suited for smoothing and detangling hair. Makes hairstyling a bloody breeze!

this brush is soooo light it won’t break your arm. natural, soft rubber cushion offers means it’s super gentle. highly-heat resistant. ball-tipped ionic pins reduce frizz, they really really do. made with wood from well-managed forests, nice one.

recommended for all hair types; especially medium to long lengths; use to detangle, straighten and smooth. all in 1 kick ass brush