Curl Cult Frizz Service


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You curly chicks are going to love this Curl Cult Edition!

We have a brand new vegan Hydrating/Smoothing/Frizz Fighting service thats results LAST 3-4 MONTHS!!!

Best part is your curls remain in tact…. Better even….

Takes about 1 - 1 1/2 Hrs and costs between $189 - $289 (depending on hair length)

We have tested it on the most damaged hair, thick frizzy hair to fine fluffy hair and the results are amazing.

The after care rules are simple… no sulphates, which we don’t use anyway, do we ladies!

  • 65% Softer

  • 189 times greater hydration

  • Reduces Frizz by 61% even in extreme humidity

  • 46% Shinier

  • Cuts on drying time

  • Repels pollution

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